Thanks for dropping in! This is my love and passion:
Finding ways to live life with greater happiness & vitality and sharing the tools with you.

I’ve recently partnered with my husband, Dr. Jason Loken, to create an exciting new venture: Adventures In Joy: Awaken Your True Potential. Jason and I are combining our passions and decades of training to facilitate transformational retreats and workshops that we host globally.  Please click on the link above to learn more.

In addition to teaching classes and workshops in my hometown of Brooklin, I offer private classes to clients, corporations as well as within schools as a part of their curriculum.  I strive to bring you cutting edge research and age-old wisdom to inform and enlighten around all aspects of health and wellness and embodied human potential.

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Retreat 2020

Spring to Life: An AIJ Experience – with Dr. Jason Loken ND & Téa Shahbazi

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I am passionate about living a life that feels honest, joyful and connected (to self, family, community and the world). Meaningful and pragmatic messages and tools that carry us gracefully, confidently and tenderly through our everyday life is what I strive to convey to... Read More

Adventures In Joy

Awaken Your TRUE Potential

We sincerely believe that when we take the time to truly care for ourselves, we ignite our capacity to care for others and ultimately our world... Visit Website

Inspire Health Podcast

With Dr. Jason Loken ND

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