Journey Around the Sun

September 25, 2019

Clusters of moments, lumped together; we give it name. A day, week, month, year. Time encapsulating these endless stream of experiences. The “I” finds significance as it witnesses rotation around this magnificent Sun. The stream of experiences, held within a linear time, as the I takes ownership of passing moments. Thus, I AM 40.

Reflecting back upon the 4 decades alive in my memory, I have the urge to write a book…which I will, sometime in the next 40 years. Either for print or perhaps just for my children to read. Maybe then all my 3 babies will see me, not only as a mom who faltered and loved deeply, but also as a woman who has lived a full and complex life. So many intriguing stories to tell! Grappling with shadow and light. With a deep sense of knowing that this life is malleable, flexible; filled with infinite possibilities.

I am honoured to have reached 40. For life truly seems to get better with age. My insatiable longing to understand ‘me’, within the context of ‘this’ Life, and the feedback from ‘you’…the opportunities for learning and growth have been endless. With passing moments there has been the gift of less preoccupation with others’ opinions, which clarifies my own vision. More refinement around my own mission and purpose, bringing forth a natural inspired set of actions. The discontent, if felt from a loving space, has given rise to deep desires. The desires are the language of our longing for evolution and expansion!

Having the springboard of a loving family gives me courage to soar to new heights. Finding my own voice again, within the safety and confidence of my now, I can tune in to fluid insights once again. What a blessing this thing called ageing!

May all feel safe. May all feel loved. May all feel supported. From this place we can create so many shifts and changes!

Future time: I am excited for the continual breaking of old moulds and outdated rules. I am eager to taste freedom, flexibility, innovative thinking and easeful creativity. Embarking on adventures in joy and taking delight in this life, my relationships, interactions and beautiful landscapes. Thus far, it’s been a wild ride! One that’s led me to the understanding that all is possible; this life is truly magical.

I thank YOU for sharing you and being a part of this journey with me.