Welcome to my site!

February 24, 2016

Hi! Thanks for checking in.

I’ve created this website so that I can stay better connected to you and share upcoming events and projects more effectively.

In doing what I do, my goal is to continue to offer you proven exercises and methods that will alleviate pain, diminish suffering and bring you greater peace and joy through improved quality of life.

Yoga (asanas), movement (of various disciplines), and meditation have all been instrumental in bringing more strength, flexibility and happiness to the lives of my students and clients as well as myself. These are the very tools that I want to share with you.

Whether you are a novice or an advanced practitioner of movement and yoga, I offer you techniques, support and guidance to best suit you at your current level.

Connection to others or a community circle (sangha) is something that I have found to be extremely helpful in living a meaningful and fulfilling life. For this reason, I team up with my husband, Dr.Jason Loken, to bring you transformational retreats held throughout the year. These retreats are held in beautiful settings at various destinations around the world, next year we will be heading to the breathtaking Blue Spirit in Nosara, Costa Rica. These retreats will pluck you out of your busy everyday routine, so that you can immerse yourself in opportunities and practices that will encourage growth, fresh perspective and new insights into living a more inspired life. For new learning to happen most effectively, research has shown that it is best for all of our senses to be engaged and that we actually step outside of our typical comfort zones. For this reason, retreats are a powerful way to create transformation in your life. It’s definitely something to be experienced in order to be believed!

In April, we are expecting the birth of our new baby. For that reason, my teaching schedule will be bare for that month as I tend to our new bundle. Please do keep in touch as I will be checking my emails.

In the coming year, I plan to post clips and videos of specific exercises, yoga postures, or work with the Yoga Tune Up® therapy massage balls that may be useful to you. I also intent to create meditation guidance audios that you will be able to download and use in the comfort of your home of office. Keep checking in!

Please sign up for my newsletter! Within these newsletters, I will be pairing up with my husband, Jason, to bring you information and strategies within the field of health and wellness that is sure to be enlightening and practical to your life and wellbeing.

I am excited to team up with you! Here’s to a connection that will bring improved health, greater understanding and genuine happiness!

Téa Shahbazi