Tim Boissinot“Téa is a gifted teacher, mentor and trainer that engages her students by leading classes that are motivating, challenging, educational and fun! Tea’s passion for lifelong learning allows her to teach the physical elements of yoga while helping students understand the science behind the practice. Her personal warmth, compassion and sincere interest in the well being of her students makes a difference to everyone that she touches. Thank you Téa for helping me to focus, bend, learn and breathe!”

– Tim Boissinot

Elaine Patfong“Téa’s heartfelt and inspiring style of teaching, combined with her knowledge of the physical practise, will uplift any yogi attending her class. Her reflective insights and wisdom that she shares with her students brings many “ah-ha” moments, to be applied both on and off the yoga mat. I believe practising yoga with Téa is a wonderful form of self-care, nourishing the mind, body, and spirit.”

– Elaine Patfong

Jason Loken“Téa truly is an exceptional teacher. Her kind, caring, and compassionate nature is evident in the way that she gently and with humor supports her students to continually grow and learn. Tea’s easeful presence makes her classes challenging yet fun…always making you want to come back for more. This is a skill that she has nurtured and refined through her years of experience, training, and passion in the art and science of yoga.”

– Jason Loken

Rob Binstock“Téa is the personification of the expression “a beautiful soul”. She is a true guru who takes her students on a journey of love, healing and knowledge for the body and spirit. In each class Téa not only shares her expert knowledge of the practice of yoga and human anatomy, but she also unselfishly shares stories of her own personal journey. If you practice yoga you must attend one of her classes. Your body and mind will thank you for it. Thank you and namaste Téa.”

– Rob Binstock

Nan-Du“In the sea of yoga studios, you will find many good yoga instructors, and every once in a while, if you’re lucky, you will find yourself a few exceptional yoga teachers. Teachers understand and embody yoga as a life-long journey, not just a few classes. Teachers who continuously seek to improve themselves so that they can enrich their students with fresh and creative classes. Teachers who equip students with key fundamentals that are essential to building a safe, strong, and loving yoga practice.

Téa is one of these few exceptional yoga teachers.

Téa was one of my first yoga teachers, and even as my list of yoga teachers grows longer, Téa continues to top my list. Her approach to yoga is very holistic and accessible to all levels of practitioners. I am very grateful for her sweet and gentle guidance, in yoga and in life.”

– Nan Du

Jasbir Gill“I was very impressed with adult classes I had attended where Téa was teaching and subsequently was fortunate to have my teenage girls practice yoga with Tea. Besides the obvious physical benefits of improved flexibility and posture the girls learned to try poses outside their comfort zone, they were gently pushed to explore their limits. Téa has a particular calm but assured presence, she continues to be a positive influence for my daughters. I wholeheartedly recommend entrusting Téa to introduce yoga to a new generation of learners”.

– Jasbir Gill

Jude Doug Tunbridge“I have been attending Téa’s classes since 2013. I often rearrange my schedule in order to make it to one of her classes. Téa manages to marry the spiritual aspects of yoga to the physical in a way that is perfect. I leave her classes feeling challenged and refreshed. Upon leaving her restorative practice, I feel as though I have been to a workshop and I carry a feeling of relaxation throughout my day. I have been enriched by her gentle touch reaffirming my desire to be aligned in body and spirit. Téa has a gift and she willingly shares it with all of us who have the good fortune to attend her classes and workshops.”

– Jude Doug Tunbridge

Nicole Mohammad“Being a firm believer in the art of yoga and incorporating a regular practice as part of my life, I felt that a school wide yoga activity would be an amazing opportunity for the students at the elementary school at which I teach. Being a part of the “Fit for Life” committee at my school, I put forth the idea, and when the time came I could not think of a better person to ask to come in and teach the yoga workshop to the entire school than Tea.

It would be great for them to experience holistically, the peacefulness brought forth from the mindfulness of a class being taught by such an expert. Téa kindly agreed and was able to creatively make every session intimate with each individual. She provided them with the tools, both physically and mentally, to help them become at ease and in tune with their bodies, internally and externally. She helped them feel safe, relaxed, and at peace while practicing, but most importantly she made sure they all had fun doing it!

Prior to her arrival, there was a buzz around the school, students and staff were excited as most had never done yoga before and were anticipating the challenge. During the sessions, I noticed the students fully engaged while Téa taught yoga as a story-teller, skillfully making each session age specific. This aided in allowing all students to consciously participate and connect their bodies to their environment and surroundings. The students loved it! They were having so much fun no one wanted the sessions to end, including many staff members who had elected to take part. I especially noticed how light the air felt around the students in the classes with students with special needs. There was a calmness there that is difficult to achieve, but Téa proved herself to be the expert Yogini in absorbing all the energy in the room and relaying out a sense of positivity and appreciation for one’s self through her knowledge of the body, mind, and interconnectedness of the two.

In listening to students around the school after the sessions, and in my own class, I heard a variety of comments of how “awesome” and “cool” it was. I also heard a number of staff members discussing how to incorporate what they had learned into everyday teachings with their students. Being a student of Tea’s myself, it was truly a pleasure to have her teach the students in my class and school, effectively engaging children ranging from 5 years old to 12 years old and adults alike. The proof was in the student’s smiles, giggles, and laughter – the true testimony to the enjoyment and light-heartedness felt by all.”

– Nicole Mohammad

Melanie McKernan“I started my practice about a year and a half ago, I never thought yoga was my thing, I was referred by a friend who thought that it may help with my stress level. I decided to attend and at my first class I met Téa. Téa was able to make me feel comfortable and guided me through my first practice, I was hooked!

I go to yoga as frequently as I can and I try to book my work around my practice especially Téa’s classes. Téa has the ability to teach while giving you the opportunity to get to know yourself in your wholeness, not what people see or what roles we play in life, but the true you. Since starting yoga I have been able to trust and love myself. I am amazed at what I can handle and the growth I have seen in myself from my physical practice but also my mental well being. I have never been happier with my life and as I continue to get to know myself, I am excited to see where this journey will take me.

If you are looking for a teacher to not just teach you poses but to guide you to happier, healthier more insightful life, I recommend spending some time in Téa’s classes or workshops; she will give you a taste of what your life can be, and you to will be hooked!”

– Melanie McKernan

Siobhan Sullivan“From the minute you walk into one of Tea’s classes you feel her Aura. I have taken guidance from many Instructors each with their own unique style. Tea’s style is in a word, holistic, if you didn’t know better you would think she had been plucked straight from an Ashram in India, she truly embodies the true meaning of Yoga.”

– Siobhan Sullivan